To new beginnings

So recently I have reconnected with a friend that had stopped speaking to me about a year ago. He is a good guy; we used to be thick as thieves until something came between us. About a week ago a mutual friend got us together and we then went outside on the patio for a cigarette. We exchanged phone numbers again, caught up a bit and now we text again, so that was nice. Along with getting back with a friend, I am also finishing up a class in college right now, but I will try to keep my blog going as it’s a nice place to organize my thoughts and let my creative juices flow. I want to fill out my blog and come back to it in the future to see my own growth from the outside. It has been a good experience getting back into blogging and I am looking forward to the future of this blog! No picture today, it’s 2 in the morning, pretty tired.

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