Re: Coding

So a little backstory. Since both of my parents were immigrants from a soviet satellite state, not to mention my father was in his 50s when I was born; we didn’t have a lot in common, I rarely spoke to my father especially. Though, we could talk about at least one topic; technology. My dad was one of the first computer technicians for the IBM compatibles, he worked on IBM OS/2, MS-DOS, PC-DOS, UNIX, POSIX, etc. He also had a collection of some antique hardware like Cryix CPUs, Zenith Towers, and Compaq Presarios. My introduction to computers was Windows 95 and the QBASIC programming language, it was interpreted language that went through your code line by line, it was good for things like making bat files, maybe a text based clone of Oregon Trail, or a simple scientific program for measuring values. By todays standards it would be considered very modest in comparison with something like Java; which has the JVM built into the code for security, who would have imagined? So enough about my sad heroes backstory, lets get to what I am doing nowadays!

So today I am learning Swift (formerly Xcode). It’s a high level language which reminds me a lot of C# or Python. I want to get good at it and be able to be a geo-bachelor when it comes to work. I would not mind working in the same place I live, though a lot of the houses I want are no where near any sort of land lines or fiber. So this creates a problem for a lot of the IT jobs available, I need to come in at some point for some amount of work, therefore I cannot just live anywhere, and it would somewhat restrict my choices. So I am learning swift, as it is the language of choice for the most mature smart ecosystem of devices available. Swift works on iOS, Mac OS X, IoT Apple Devices, Apple Watch OS, even legacy devices have compatibility to an extent, so this language has potential, and not to mention since Apple supports it, there’s longevity, for as long as apple exists there will be updates to the IDE and SDKs.

“Ah wretched me, that love is not to be cured by any herbs; and that those arts the bring relief to all, are of no avail to their masters.”

Phoebeus Apollo

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