To be an engineer

Hello world, or whatever it is people are expected to write on their first blog post. My name is Peter Stefanov and I want to be a Network Engineer. That’s my goal, and a developer on the side, and a Help desk manager, and maybe an enterprise routing associate. There’s a lot of fun paths one could take! It’s hard to pick one. However if I HAVE to, I would say, I want to be a network engineer. I already work with core routing protocols as a system engineer at Verizon, but network engineers bind protocols to physical devices and actually do the configuration and package building and overseeing infrastructure with Network Architects. It’s just a job that I am very excited for, and at the moment that is my goal. It is subject to change however, with so many fun things to do in IT! Thank you for listening to my indecisive rant. I look forward to sharing more of my life with you all here!

I look about as nerdy as I am 😉

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Robert Greene, 1592

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